Frequently Asked Questions:


1. How many people can ride in your vehicles?

Our maximum capacity limits are as follows:

PARTY BUS: Up to 14 passengers

EXECUTIVE LIMO VAN: 10–11 passengers

2. How much does it cost?

Our goal is to provide fun, safe and affordable transportation. Prices are as follows:

$30-$45 per person depending on your needs when you fill the vehicles. Call for quotes.

*Please include a customary 20% gratuity in addition to the fare.

3. Does the cost include alcohol or other beverages?

We provide a cooler with ice, water and cups. Passengers are welcome to bring their own beer, wine, and spirits. We are also green friendly.

We do encourage our passengers to be respectful and safe in the vehicles.

4. Do you take credit cards?

Yes of course! We accepts all major credit cards.

5. Do your vehicles have inputs for iPods?

Absolutely. We love music on our trips.

6. Do you have bathrooms on board?

Yes! We do require our passengers to be considerate of their fellow guests and the chauffeur when using the bathroom. No poopers please.

7. Still have questions?

Dan has all the answers. Please give a call: 303-5466-287


303–LIMO–BUS. The Name’s The Number!

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